Thursday, April 21, 2011


A newer trend that is becoming quite popular is knots. A spin-off of the 90's trend combined with the chic and tousled looks today and we've got the knot! Re-invented of course. ;) Although it's called knots please don't confuse it with ratted, uncombed, unwashed hair! These knots don't require excessive brushing and insane amounts of conditioner. They're perfect for when you don't want to take the time to blow out or curl your hair. In a matter of 3 minutes your hair looks more put together and more stylish than just a boring old pony tail!!!
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 All you need for these simple styles is a few rubber bands and bobby pins to match your hair color.Use a smoothing serum or wax to help mold the hair and tame fly-aways. My favorites are Pure Polish from Eufora because it smells like bubble gum! And Piece Works defining paste because somehow its tacky but not sticky :) Add volume to the crown for a more put-together look or leave some pieces out for the messy-chic look. Be creative and add a bow or headband or whatever you'd like. I love the one's found in the Dainty Woods, she makes the most amazing pieces and can even do custom orders. Check out her shop!
Happy Thursday everyone!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Another great privilege I have is working with some amazing product and color lines. I was first introduced to eufora, when I was in beauty school and I've been working with it ever since. The first thing that attracted me to it was the smell, its delightful! The entire line will give you and your hair a fresh, clean scent and make your hair look like you just stepped out of the salon. How many of you are sick of putting products in your hair because it looks like you forgot to rinse out your conditioner? That's me for sure!! These products are all natural and are free of overwhelming perfumes, silicone, parabens, alcohol and even WATER. Yup, these amazing products don't have any water in them at all. Instead they use certified organic, pharmaceutical grade aloe vera, i.e. the highest grade of aloe you can get. Quite a mouth full but it's amazing how they can actually make product that is free of harsh and fake ingredients, make your hair look and feel healthier AND smell delicious!
Another awesome thing about this line is they color code their products! They make it so simple for you to remember what you need. Green-cleansers, Purple-conditioners, Pink-styling, Orange/Yellow-finishing. I am lucky enough to be an elite educator and Pistachio's in-salon Eufora Ambassador. I would love to have a consultation on products, cuts and colors. You can book your appt. here!
Happy Tuesday! :)