Tuesday, June 14, 2011

how to; braid love.

A few of us at Pistachio put together another how to video for you. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here is a super cute and simple style that is perfect to rock at the beach or on a night out! 
If you don't have naturally curly hair you have a few options to create these waves.

1. use a salt spray on damp hair, scrunch and let it go!
2 use a 1in. clip-less iron and wrap 1in. sections in opposite directions. You can use a regular barrel iron as well(just watch out for creases.)
You can see this and more here..
From your part take pieces and create a french braid down the front to the side. Secure with bobby pins.

Get creative!! You can add another braid down the side or just keep the one. Make the braid thick or thin depending on your hair thickness and length. 

*Remember that the picture is a guide and it won't look the same on everyone! :) Happy Styling...............

Friday, June 3, 2011

how-to: pretty twist

This is my favorite thing to do right now.. If only my hair was longer.


It is so simple. 
1. Take two triangle sections; one on each side of your face. 
(End of the eyebrow back to top of the ear.)
2. Taking both pieces at the same time bring them back.
3. Cross the right section over the left. ONCE.
4. The new piece in your right hand goes over twice. The piece in your left goes under once.
5. Pull tight and secure with bobby pins (1 on each end, straight through.) 

--To add height to the top take the end of a rat tail comb and pull up. No teasing necessary! :)
You can continue the twists all the way down or just stick with one. 

I hope this video brings you fun simple styling!

Happy Friday! :)