Wednesday, July 20, 2011

extra parts.

There are so many different components to hair; hair color, texture, length, porosity etc. Even with no two heads of hair being the same, we are all after one thing- ZERO FRIZZ! 

I had a few blow dry's this morning and always the biggest concern is frizz. We're having a bit of a humid day today and of course everyone is getting all done up for the races. I've got a little bit of time between clients this morning and I thought I would share some stress saving news. :)

Yes the right products are helpful to achieving a frizz free style but have you considered your blow dryer? 

Probable Causes:
1. You're not using a nozzle! That "extra part" that comes with your dryer. Without it, there is no control of the air flow causing the hot air to blow the cuticle open in all directions. Thus creating-frizz! There is a reason your dryer comes with it. That nozzle will direct the air flow and give you better control. Blow dry pointing the dryer down which will smooth and calm your cuticles.


2. Your dryer is getting too hot! Some dryers just get hotter than others. But, if you've noticed that your dryer seems to be getting hotter than it used to, the vent needs to be cleaned out! If you clean it out at least once a month you will preserve the life of your dryer. Just remove the outer cage and wipe filter and cage with a barely damp cloth.

Monday, July 18, 2011

back to basics.

As a hairstylist I can look at a picture and just figure out how to do it. But, not everyone has had the same training as me. :P I wanted to take the time today to break down some of the basics of styling and maybe help you to figure these styles out a little better. 

We'll start with a basic pony! 
1. Pick up a horizontal section of hair at the crown{top of your head-about 2in long and 1/2in wide} Bring it straight up.
2. Using the smaller side of your comb, comb the hair from ends to roots{about 3 times per section.}
3. Repeat for 3-4 sections{depending on hair thickness}
4. Bring teased section back and smooth- being careful not to comb through what you just teased.
5. Section hair at the end of your eyebrows on each side and bring back{smooth the sides with a comb or your fingers.}
6. Secure with 2 bobby's- one on each side{the ridges should connect in an 'X'}
7. Take the rest of the front section and bring back to the previously pinned place and secure again with 2 bobby's.
8. Using a rubber band, secure the rest of your hair-making sure the pony is just below the bobby's. 
9. If you wanna hide your hair tie, take a ribbon of hair FROM YOUR PONY and wrap it around the holder until you run out of hair-secure with a bobby-into the pony.

Voila! A Pony tail made easy. If you have hair that doesn't stay teased, use some hairspray on each section PRIOR to teasing. 

I hope that my breakdown has/will help! Let me know- happy styling! :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

simply beauty.

I absolutely love buns, knots, braids and twists! As a hairstylist, I love when I can find beautiful hairstyles that don't take hours to perfect. Here are a couple of simple beauties I've broken down for you! :)

1. [tease] the crown.
2. bring hair back. keeping it close to your neck divide vertically in [2] sections.
3. drop one side, loosely fold and secure with [bobby's]
4. repeat with the other side; covering the ends of the [1st] side, tucking and pinning into the first section.

1. tease at the crown.
2. at the neck split into two vertical sections and [loosely braid.]
3. take both braids and tie them together in a [knot]- secure with bobby's.

Monday, July 11, 2011

twisted sister.

found here.

This is such a pretty up-do! I love all of the texture and dimension it adds to her hair- the [colors] are stunning! A wonderful style for weddings are fun parties! :)
You'll need; {bobby's, hairspray and a good back-combing brush.}

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

vintage inspiration.

I have been so obsessed with these vintage inspired styles. The hair, makeup, clothes...EVERYTHING! They're beautiful!

Found here.

The styles we are seeing right now aren't necessarily {new} , but they certainly are chic! All of these style's are so elegant and sophisticated yet so simplistic. I love it all- the hair, the makeup, and the fashion.

The hair requires an awesome back-combing job and some amazing hairspray..maybe a few bobby's if you have any layers. Hair has moved from being styled to sculpted. And that's how it should be!! Let's face it, for so long we could get away with just blow-drying and flat-ironing, but style is evolving!

If you're changing your hair routine, change up your makeup too!! What's {in} now is BOLD eyes [think thick winged liner and black mascara], GLOWING skin, PINK cheeks and NUDE shadows and lips! :)

To complete this look is your outfit! Flowy skirts, block colors, stripes, LACE and gold/brass jewelry!