Tuesday, February 21, 2012

here we go!

I've been gone way too long! I guess I should start with the fact that I got engaged! Which, to those of you who have planned a wedding before know exactly why my blog has been neglected. ;) 

We've made it through our winter and I'm already thinking about spring and summer. Hair, makeup, dresses and sunscreen! I'm actually pretty surprised that not too many of us San Diegan's actually use it. I'm too pasty and have been burned too many times not to go without it!

I found this super simple and cute hairstyle for you all. :)
found here.
I am seriously in LOVE with this. It is so classic yet fun!
Start with teasing 3-5 1/4" horizontal sections on your crown. "X" bobby pin's into place.
Next, do the waterfall braid;{french braid with just two pieces instead of 3-4} straight back.
[I pinned one side into my hair while I worked on the other side so it didn't loosen up or fall out.]
Finally take both braids and the rest of your hair, twist into a bun. Secure with a band and pin if needed.

If you see some extra hair falling from any spot, DON'T freak. That's your personal touch and it looks a lot more effortless!! :)

Here's how it looks on me>>

I'm so excited over this! I hope you have as much fun as I did. ;)