Thursday, October 11, 2012


Me again, I promise this time I'm back for good!! :) 

I have been watching and falling in love with some of the new trends in hair and fashion! Color is a huge factor in my job and my life. I am OBSESSED with dip-dye, all over color and ombr√©! I'm talking bright colors; purple, teal and pink. I'm currently rocking some teal in my hair and love it more than words! 

Here's what I'm talking about:
Absolutely LOVE this. I had a few pieces in  last fall and I'm thinking it should happen again..

I wish!!! I seriously love this!
Loving this hot pink! My sister-in-law loves pink hair and we put some of this in her bangs. :)

Ombre hair. Ombre hair.
Beautifully done Ombre!

Dip Dye Hair

dip dye

Kevin Murphy – Colour Bug
Kevin Murphy makes an awesome colored hair powder.  It goes on like eye shadow and washes right out!
You can find it here.

koolaid hair dying
Kool-aid is another option for "temporary" color. I use that word lightly because it actually holds longer than you would think!

Your hair is an awesome accessory! If you're not into having just one color all over or even wanting it for more than a day. The last two would be great for you! Another simple colored powder is chalk.

Love you hair and have fun!

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